Imaging backup and Exchange logs not being truncated correctly.

Hi all,

Recently we had a situation when running an imaging backup on a Server 2008 R2/Exchange 2007 server where the Exchange log files weren’t truncated correctly.
After some investigation we found that the BackupAssist ExchPlugIn service wasn’t being run on the server correctly.
We were able to install and start the service through command prompt and when the backup ran, the Exchange logs were finally truncated properly.

If you’re experiencing similar issues with your backup, we have written the following script to install and start the BackupAssist ExchPlugIn service.

Cd /d c:\program files (x86)\backupassist v5\
Baexchplugin /service
Net start baexchplugin

Try placing this script into the ‘Run script before backup’ section within your backup job.
The steps to do this within BackupAssist are as follows:
1. Open BackupAssist
2. Click on ‘Jobs’ at the top of the BackupAssist console and double chick on your imaging backup from the list provided.
3. Click on ‘Scripts’ down the left hand side.
4. Enter your script under ‘Run before each Backup’ (see screen shot below):

I hope this helps anyone experiencing similar issues with their imaging backup. If you require additional information, please e-mail your query to


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