Kaseya Agent can cause Rsync jobs to fail

Hi all,

We’ve recently seen a case where dozens of Rsync backups started failing simultaneously after a recent Windows Update. After working countless hours with our partner to find out why, the cause was narrowed down to the Kaseya Agent, which interferes with the TCP/IP stack.


We have seen problems where Kaseya is installed on both the client (the machine where BackupAssist for Rsync is installed), and on the data host (where cwRsyncServer is installed).

If Kaseya is causing problems on the data host, it can simply cause jobs to hang.

We are continuing to investigate this issue, and will report back when we know more. In the meantime, we have found that disabling the Kaseya Agent allows backups to run properly.

1 thought on “Kaseya Agent can cause Rsync jobs to fail”

  1. Linus,

    Have you tried testing it with our software CentraStage we are a similar platform but as far as I am aware we haven’t had any issues with Rsync backups.



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