Licensing changes introduced with BackupAssist v6: version independent license keys

Hi all,

This is just a reminder about some of the changes we made to licensing with the release of BackupAssist v6.

As you may already be aware, in the past, each time a new version of BackupAssist was released you needed to license it with a new, version-specific key: version 4 keys had a ‘V-4’prefix and version 5 keys had a ‘V-5’ prefix. This meant that each time you upgraded, you would be given a new set of keys, which you would have to use to activate the new version of BackupAssist.

From feedback we received from our users, having to replace the license keys along with the software is an unnecessary task. So with the release of BackupAssist v6, we changed the way licensing works so that in future, when we release a new version of BackupAssist (e.g. version 7), you will not have to complete the unnecessary step of upgrading your key. This is because license keys are no longer version specific. From now on you are given a single, version independent key for each component of BackupAssist (base, SQL Add-on, Exchange Mailbox Add-on, etc). These version independent keys can be used to activate any version of BackupAssist, including older versions, such as version 4 and version 5, and future versions, such as version 7 and version 8.

This means that from BackupAssist v6 onwards you will never need to obtain new license keys to upgrade to a new version of the software (e.g. BackupAssist v7): you will be able to just continue using the same version independent license key. If your BackupAssist key has a valid Upgrade Protection subscription, you will be able to automatically activate a newer version of BackupAssist using the same key. If Upgrade Protection has expired for your key, you will need to renew your Upgrade Protection subscription before you can use the same key to activate the new version of BackupAssist.

  • Note: Anyone who has a version 5 key of BackupAssist will still need to upgrade their key to use BackupAssist v6. Upon upgrading, you will receive a new version-independent key that can be used to activate any version of BackupAssist. You can upgrade to version 6 for free if you place your upgrade order before your Upgrade Protection subscription expires.

We’d love to hear what you think about this change. Do you agree that managing license keys and upgrading to new versions of BackupAssist will now be much easier?

Leave a comment and let us know!

For more information about licensing, you may like to read our BackupAssist Licensing FAQs page here

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