Maximizing Cloud Server Backup Efficiency: Why You Need an Independent Backup Solution

Discover why adopting an independent backup solution like BackupAssist Classic is crucial for maximizing cloud server backup efficiency.

In today’s digital landscape, businesses rely heavily on cloud servers to host critical applications and data. However, many underestimate the importance of backing up these cloud workloads. While some cloud providers offer their own cloud server backup tools, they often come with limitations and high costs tied to their proprietary storage services.

This is where an independent backup software solution like BackupAssist Classic with Direct-to-Cloud (also known as Disk-to-Cloud, or ‘D2C’) functionality steps in. In this article, we’ll explore why using a dedicated, independent backup solution is essential for maximizing your cloud server backup efficiency and ensuring the resilience of your business-critical data.

Disadvantages of Cloud Providers’ Proprietary Backup Tools

Most, if not all, cloud providers like AWS provide a backup platform for their cloud workloads. For example, AWS has ‘AWS Backup’ that can be used to back up nearly every service they provide, including their AWS EC2 (computing service). However, like most cloud providers, their cloud backup solution has some drawbacks.

Limited Functionality

Backups using AWS Backup are created at the instance level, meaning you can only carry out image backups.  These image backups have limitations on the types of recovery possible. Specifically, you cannot recover individual files, folders, or applications in a granular way – only a full system image recovery is possible.

Furthermore, since AWS Backup only supports entire instance recovery, this results in lengthy downtime and delays in case of data loss. Recovering any data, no matter how small, requires hours as you navigate through the process of loading entire images from your cloud backup.

Helpful Info: An instance is a VM or workload in the cloud.

Higher Costs

The costs associated with AWS storage rates can escalate quickly. This is especially true when compounded by potential expenses arising from misconfigurations or overlooked temporary files that are created during the recovery process.

Cloud Server Backup Efficiency with BackupAssist Classic

This is where an independent backup software solution like BackupAssist Classic with D2C functionality emerges as the ideal choice for small and medium businesses. D2C backs up entire disks or cloud virtual disks directly to cloud storage. With BackupAssist, you can perform granular recoveries, meaning you can recover individual files, folders, or applications in a matter of minutes.

BackupAssist is also a cost-effective solution for your business. When combined with a Wasabi Cloud Storage account, the storage costs of your cloud server backup can be up to 80% lower than other cloud providers.


Ensuring the efficiency and resilience of your cloud server backup is paramount in today’s digital era. BackupAssist provides the flexibility, functionality, cost-effectiveness necessary to protect your business-critical data and applications. Don’t compromise on the security and accessibility of your data – download BackupAssist Classic today and safeguard your business’s cyber-resilience.

Note: D2C functionality will be available with the release of BackupAssist Classic v14 in July 2024.

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