Mind the IT Skills Gap – Some Recent Stats [Infographic]

Mind the IT Skills Gap

The alleged ‘skills gap’ has been a hot topic of conversation in the IT industry for a couple of years now. Some argue it doesn’t exist, others argue it couldn’t be more real. We took a look at some of the most current data on the subject, and put together this infographic. Is the IT skills gap a serious problem? Will it affect your business? Is it already? Take a look and decide for yourself.

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IT skills gap infographic

The IT skills gap stats in text:

  • Only 15% of businesses consider themselves ‘exactly where they want to be’ in utilizing technology within their organization.
  • 75% of IT firms stated that they are either ‘understaffed’ or that they are currently ‘looking to hire’.
  • The top 3 technology priorities for businesses are:
    1. Cyber security
    2. Data storage and backup solutions
    3. Network infrastructure
  • 60% of IT Leaders believe the IT skills gap either ‘moderately’ or ‘severely’ affects their organization
  • Only 37% of IT Leaders stated that they have a firm strategy in place for addressing the skills gap
  • 70% of IT Leaders find a lack of skills to be the biggest issue when seeking candidates
  • 57% of IT firms find it either ‘challenging’ or ‘very challenging’ to fill technical positions
  • 52% of IT professionals say that an unfilled position on their team causes additional stress and impacts their job performance


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