Navigating Cloud Backup Portability: A Closer Look at BackupAssist

Transfer your backups across cloud providers and on-premise locations whilst maintaining absolute control over your data - that’s the power of cloud backup portability.

In this article, we delve into the challenges of privacy, sovereignty, accessibility, and cost involved in cloud backups, and how cloud backup portability (enabled by solutions like BackupAssist) is becoming an important concept that provides options and flexibility to address these challenges.

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Challenges of Cloud Backups

Cloud backups have similar challenges as any cloud-based service. These include privacy and sovereignty compliance, ongoing accessibility, and cost-effectiveness. These challenges are compounded by the fact that you are relying on an external party to overcome them. Let’s unpack these challenges to better understand them.

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Privacy and Sovereignty: Are your access controls configured accordingly to ensure privacy of your data? Do you need to adhere to data sovereignty and residency rules (e.g. health records)?

Accessibility: What happens if you want to part ways with your cloud provider? Will you lose your existing backups?

Cost: Has the cost of your cloud provider increased? Have there been new cloud providers entering the market with more competitive pricing models?

The solution to all these challenges is to ensure that you are never locked into any one provider and that you have the ability to easily switch cloud providers without affecting your ongoing backup services.

In the upcoming sections, we’ll reveal how BackupAssist takes on these challenges head-on, offering a reliable solution for cloud backup portability.

BackupAssist and Backup Portability

Privacy and Sovereignty

Take control of your data, ensuring unparalleled privacy and sovereignty. With BackupAssist, we encrypt your data before transmitting and storing it in the cloud, making it unreadable to anyone without the decryption key – a key that never leaves your possession. So, even if the cloud storage is breached, your data remains secure.

While BackupAssist can’t dictate where cloud providers store data, we give you the power of portability. You can shift your data from one provider to another or bring it back to your own data center if you wish in order to maintain data sovereignty requirements. You’re never locked into a single provider with BackupAssist.

Maintaining Access to Backups

Seamlessly transition between cloud providers without losing access to your backups. With BackupAssist, after you migrate your data from the old provider to the new one, you simply update the BackupAssist setup to point to the new storage location to ensure backup continuity.

Worried about restoring from older backups created before the migration? All you need to do is direct BackupAssist to the new cloud provider, and our system will locate and restore the old backups from their new location. No vital data is lost in the transition. You enjoy uninterrupted access to your backups, both old and new.

Take advantage of lower costs

In recent years, we have seen new cloud providers focused on efficient data storage enter the market at a fraction of the cost of the larger incumbents. The price difference can be significant enough that the new cloud storage costs are rivaling those of local HDD. Why not take advantage of these opportunities to lower your costs?

At BackupAssist, our platform doesn’t lock you into a single provider, giving you the freedom to move your data backups to a more cost-effective provider when it suits you. This flexibility is your safeguard against sudden price increases, providing a layer of security in cost management. With BackupAssist, you’re in the driver’s seat, making decisions that best suit your financial circumstances and ensuring that cloud storage costs remain within your control.


Obtain the data management control you deserve with BackupAssist, a solution designed for the complexities of cloud backup portability. By offering robust encryption, BackupAssist ensures data privacy, while its portability feature respects the principles of data sovereignty.

It provides consistent access to backups and flexibility in cost management. Ultimately, BackupAssist is your reliable partner for secure, cost-effective, and straightforward cloud backup management.

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