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We’ve just launched the latest version of BackupAssist – version 7.3.1.  It has a great new feature that makes restoring mail items from a Hyper-V guest using Exchange Granular Restore easier than ever before.

Also in v7.3.1 are a few tweaks making the backup options clearer, and the restore process more informative.

Granular Restore of Exchange mail items from Hyper-V guests

When performing a restore using the Exchange Granular Restore Console, BackupAssist will now display the Exchange (EDB) backup available for each Hyper-V guest.

You no longer have to use the Hyper-V Granular Restore Console to mount the Hyper-V backup for EGR. The backup will be displayed in the Restore Home page, the same as other backups.

While the Hyper-V process is handled by BackupAssist, you will still need both the Hyper-V Granular Restore Add-on and Exchange Granular Restore Add-on.

To enable this new feature, just add Exchange authentication information to the Exchange VM Detection tab when you create a backup job. The Exchange VM Detection tab will appear in the Selections screen when the Hyper-V role is installed and running on the server.

Upgrade Today

If you have a v7 license or valid Upgrade Protection, you can upgrade to BackupAssist v7.3.1 for free.

Not sure if your Upgrade Protection is up to date? Check your license and renew today to get BackupAssist v7.3.1.

Get BackupAssist v7.3.1 today

You can download v7.3.1 here

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