Rsync backups in a Windows 7 Environment

With the advent of the Windows 7 release, we were recently made aware that the recommended Rsync server we listed on our downloads page does not support Windows 7.
After working with one of our customers, Mike Hoyle , he let us know that he has discovered an update to the cwRsync solution which functions in the Windows 7 environment.
I have included his correspondence below:

I may have found a solution to my problem as follows: –
I removed the original installation including services which was installed from the download on your website.


I went to the following site
Downloaded the latest cwRsync –
and downloaded the latest Copssh –
Installed cwRsync and then Copssh
Activated a new Copssh user – running the command ‘ssh localhost’ in the Unix shell now works.
I have managed 4 successful backups now to the Win 7 RSync Host. from backup assist v5.4.2

We would like to take the time to thank Mike for providing us with this information, and allowing us to share it so that this issue can be addressed.

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