S3Rsync.com currently unavailable

S3Rsync domain name expired
S3Rsync domain name expired

G’day folks,

It’s been brought to our attention that the online storage provider S3Rsync.com currently has an expired domain name. At this stage, we are unsure as to what the full impact of this may be to BackupAssist users who are running backups to S3Rsync.com. However, right now we do know that some BackupAssist users are impacted.

BackupAssist is not affiliated with S3Rsync in any way. We are unable to provide a resolution the issue. The problem is with the online storage provider S3Rsync.com – not your BackupAssist software. We highly recommend that you contact your online storage service provider to find out exactly what is happening, and the best way to move forward in this scenario.

If your backups are being impacted by this in any way, you could configure a temporary backup job to run to an alternative online storage provider, if you’ve got access to one. Alternatively, you can start doing temporary backups to a local drive, which can then be taken offsite manually, while you wait for your S3Rsync.com service to become available again.

We’re sorry that we’re unable to provide any further information at this time. If you require any help configuring an alternative way to backup your data during this period, please contact support@backupassist.com.

Kind Regards,
The BackupAssist Team

1 thought on “S3Rsync.com currently unavailable”

  1. Due to a critical domain administrative error, the domain was not renewed properly on time.

    The problem is fixed and s3rsync service is up and running.

    We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Daniela Vujinovic
    Business Development
    ActiveTech Ltd.


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