Server 2008 backup taking a long time – caused by USB version setting

Hi all,

I recently had a case where a client of ours was reporting that the backup was taking over 23 hours to complete, and it looked like it had “hung”.

However, he promptly fixed the issue himself, and discovered that it was due to the USB version setting in bios. I’ve quoted his reply to me below.

I thought it would be of interest to everyone else running HP Proliant servers!



I have fixed the problem. It turns out that HP Proliant servers default to USB 1.1 ports for some LILO legacy stuff. I changed this in the bios of one of the two of my windows server 2008 servers and a 138GB backup now finished in 37 minutes. This is good for us as it is much better than 23 hours. 🙂

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  1. In my case the backups were taking a long time becasue I had disabled shadow copies. I did not realize that the backup system in SBS 2008 uses the shadow copies to do its backups, so it was doing fulls instead of incrementals. The full backups were taking 12+ hours. Incrementals take ~ 30 minutes.


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