Sneak peek: Version 5 of BackupAssist

We’ve already started work on some of the new features in our next major release, which include:

  • Centralized monitoring – view the status of all of your clients’ backups in one report
  • File Replication Engine – our latest file-based backup engine that uses a VSS-based file copy to backup files (more about this below)
  • Windows Block Level Backup (drive imaging) integration

Our planned timeframe for releasing v5 is Q3 this year (most likely August or September).
Drive Imaging Features are to be released with Version 5
We had previously planned to release our support for the Windows 2008 Drive Imaging features with Version 4.1. However, due to a lack of uptake and demand, we’ve decided to release it as part of Version 5, to coincide with our new File Replication Engine. Apart from giving us extra testing time, it also means that v5.0 will be an excellent backup choice for Windows Server 2008, providing both Drive-Image and File-Based backup options.

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