Upcoming changes to licensing in BackupAssist v6

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I just wanted to notify you about some upcoming changes to how licensing will work when BackupAssist v6 is released. I’ve also included some details about the new Standalone license of BackupAssist for Rsync that will be available upon the release of v6.

Changes to the licensing model in BackupAssist v6.

In the past, each time a new version of BackupAssist was released you needed to license it with a new, version-specific license key: version 4 keys have a V-4 prefix and version 5 keys have a V-5 prefix. This meant that each time you upgraded, you would receive a new set of BackupAssist license keys that you would need to activate on the new version of the software.

When BackupAssist v6 is released, all newly purchased and upgraded license keys will no longer have a version number prefix. You will be given a single, version independent license key for each component of BackupAssist (base, SQL Add-on, Exchange Mailbox Add-on, etc) that can be used with any version of BackupAssist.

This means that from version 6 onwards you will never need to obtain new license keys to upgrade to a new version of BackupAssist: you just continue using your version independent license keys. You will no longer need to manage multiple license keys and it will be much easier to upgrade to new versions of BackupAssist.

Additional information regarding changes to licensing will be available upon the release of BackupAssist v6, but in the mean time you may also like to read our BackupAssist Licensing FAQs page here.

BackupAssist for Rsync will come in two flavours: Standalone license or Add-on license.

With the release of BackupAssist v6, you will be able to license BackupAssist for Rsync as either a Standalone license or as an Add-on license.

The BackupAssist for Rsync Standalone license will only allow you to run offsite Rsync backups, and the BackupAssist for Rsync Add-on license is used alongside other BackupAssist products to run Rsync backups in addition to local backups.

When you upgrade your current BackupAssist for Rsync licenses to v6, you will be able to choose to upgrade to either a Standalone licence or an Add-on licence.

BackupAssist Resellers can read more about this here.
All other BackupAssist users can read more about this here.

If you have any questions about these changes, please email us at support@backupassist.com.

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