Version 3 license details fail to verify during upgrade order.


I’m Michael, one of the BackupAssist US Support team members.
We get several calls and e-mails a week from customer having problems
verifying their license details when ordering a Version 4 upgrade.

When entering your Version 3 to Version 4 upgrade order, ensure you enter the license details exactly as they appear in the BackupAssist registration details. To view your current license details, select help from the BackupAssist console and select Enter registration details.

Usually an upgrade will fail to validate because a period or comma was inadvertently left out.

For example:

Wilmington City Sch was entered as an organizational name when the actual name was Wilmington City Sch. (There should of been a period after Sch)

The license details are not case sensitive, but leaving out any letter or special character will cause the verification process to fail.

One last point, make sure your organization type is also correct. This can be viewed by selecting the BackupAssist Navigator from the BackupAssist console and pressing the information button. The organizational type is listed by the License type field.

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