What is Instant / Rapid VM Recovery?

Virtual servers, particularly Hyper-V ones, offer several distinct advantages over physical servers. One of the biggest benefits is being able to perform a Rapid VM recovery.

Rapid VM Recovery, Simply Explained

Imagine your business’s server has suffered some sort of catastrophic data disaster. It could be flood, virus, user error, physical destruction—whatever it is, it’s total. If you didn’t put in redundancies, your business is going to be experiencing a long period of server downtime.

Not so if your servers are virtualized. In fact, you can get up and running in mere seconds. Since the server only really exists as data—and if you’ve backed up that data—you’ve technically got that server on your backup media.

What would happen if you just ran the VM off your backup media, without taking it off? That’s what’s known as Rapid VM Recovery, also known as Instant VM Recovery. It basically ensures business continuity since users experience no loss of server access even if your original servers go down.

Zero Downtime For Any RTO

The biggest benefit of Rapid VM Recovery is no loss of downtime. That means it meets any business’s Recovery Time Objective (RTO), no matter what it is.

Of course, you can’t keep running your Hyper-V guest off your backup media forever—you’ve got to transfer the data to a Hyper-V host. What Rapid VM Recovery gives you is the ability to keep things running while you perform a Full Recovery of your Hyper-V guest.

Don’t worry about any changes your users are making to the backed-up data, either. Assuming you’re using a high-end product like BackupAssist, the Hyper-V host will store and manage changes to the rapidly recovered VM’s data.

Instant and zero fuss. No employees sitting around twiddling their thumbs when a server goes down, becoming disgruntled and burning through the company’s money.

Backup and DR Software  With Rapid VM Recovery

BackupAssist offers both Full and Rapid VM Recovery. It’s the #1 Backup and Disaster Recovery software for Windows Servers. The free 30-day trial is available here.

For more information about performing Full and Rapid VM recoveries, read this handy Hyper-V Recovery guide.

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