Windows Rsync Server Package – being developed

Hi all,

There’s been quite some interest in our Rsync Engine in BackupAssist – which is a great way of sending data offsite in a bandwidth efficient way:

It allows you to backup to any Rsync Server – being Linux box, Windows or NAS.

The Windows setup procedure for installing an Rsync Server on a Windows machine is currently a bit tedious, as we rely on a 3rd party package called cwRsyncServer.

However, we are in the process of developing our own module that will enable you to setup a Windows machine as an Rsync Server without having to mess around with config settings, etc.

Aim: Allow administrators to easily set up a Windows machine as an Rsync Server, to host data for multiple clients (each with their separate allocated space), and implement a security model that restricts client access to their own backup directory.

So it’s currently in development, with an ETA of late in this quarter (ie. March).

If anyone has additional requests for features, please leave some comments here 🙂

5 thoughts on “Windows Rsync Server Package – being developed”

  1. I do like the iead of this.

    What would make it good is if there was the ability to produce reports for each client.

    I.E. data transfered per month, Diskspace used, Data Groth rate (good for larger instalations)

    And im sure you guys also have other cool reports that you will run.

    Oh and it would also be great if it could be hosted on Server 2008, as running a 2003 machine in Hyper-V is a bit of a waste just for storage.

  2. Hi

    This will be a great addtion makes the setup more scalable and less mess, I need to setup a remote off site backup for this therefore it will be a great add in.


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