Windows Server 2008 Core Backup

Hi all,

I’ve had a few questions recently about BackupAssist running on Windows Server 2008 Core. After some experimentation, I managed to get it all working and it was successfully running image backups and sending me email notifications. (I haven’t yet tested the file replication, SQL or Rsync backups yet.) The only thing I’ve noticed so far is that you can only read the backup reports as plain text, not HTML (because IE isn’t installed on Server Core). The HTML Email notification works just fine.

However, the prerequisite install process is a bit different to normal OSs, and the current installer won’t work… so unfortunately you can’t run it on Server Core just yet.

BUT now that we know that it’s possible, and we know the procedure to get it working, we will be putting together another package. It looks at this stage that it will need to be a separate download, which unfortunately breaks our objective of one download for all products. However, there’s really nothing we can do about that because Server Core is just so different! [To be honest, we’re lucky that it worked at all]

I hope to be able to give everyone more good news in the near term future. An installer is on the way! Wouldn’t that be a nice Christmas present?



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