MultiSite Manager & Windows Server 2003

MultiSite Manager is a standalone product designed to remotely manage installations of BackupAssist v8.1 and later. BackupAssist v8 does not support Windows Server 2003, so a BackupAssist v7.5 build has been developed with full MultiSite Manager support.

BackupAssist v7 supports Windows Server 2003, and the BackupAssist v7.5 build therefore allows Window 2003 servers to be remotely managed by MultiSite Manager.

The following versions are supported to work together in a MultiSite Manager solution:

  • MultiSite Manager v8.1 and later
  • BackupAssist v8.1 and later
  • BackupAssist v7.5 and later.

BackupAssist v7.5 will continue to be maintained through the BackupAssist v7 product lifecycle.

The v7.5 Remote Tab > Remote Setup screen is configured the same way as BackupAssist v8.

BackupAssist v7.5 & MultiSite manager

The following points should be considered when using v7.5 and MultiSite Manager.

  • BackupAssist v7.5 should only be used on computers running Windows Server 2003.
  • BackupAssist v7.5 computers still require a valid BackupCare or Upgrade Protection subscription for them to be managed by MultiSite Manager.

BackupAssist v7.5 Site Controllers

A Windows 2003 server with BackupAssist v7.5 can be a Site Controller, but this should only happen if the site does not have a BackupAssist computer with Windows 2008 or 2012.

It is important to note that MultiSite Manager cannot be installed on Windows Server 2003. A supported operating system will be required. For more information, see the MultiSite Manager requirements page.

The following points should be considered when using BackupAssist v7.5 as a Site Controller.

  • The steps to make a v7.5 computer a Site Controller are the same steps used for a v8 computer.
  • Both BackupAssist v7.5 and v8.1 computers can be added to a v7.5 Site Controller.
  • Both BackupAssist v7.5 and v8.1 computers can be added to a v8.1 Site Controller

MultiSite Manager Remote update

MultiSite Manager’s remote update feature allows you to upgrade the version of BackupAssist on the remotely managed computers. This function is implemented at the Manage Site level, and performed within a site by the Site Controller.

For BackupAssist v7.5 computers, the following limitations apply:

  • A BackupAssist v7.5 Site Controller cannot perform remote updates to computers in its site.
  • A BackupAssist v8.1 Site Controller cannot perform remote updates to v7.5 computers in its site.

MultiSite Manager Remote session

A Remote Session cannot be initiated to a BackupAssist v7.5 installation.