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About BackupAssist

BackupAssist is used by thousands of businesses and institutions in over 120 countries worldwide to backup critical personal and business data on Microsoft Windows servers.

Priced from just $279.00 USD, it is an excellent, simple, reliable and cost effective alternative to the more widely known brand names. Optional add-on products also available to enable online Microsoft SQL Server and Exchange Individual Mailbox backups.With the Rsync add-on, "bit level" differences of server files are sent to the cloud for extra tier of data protection. For user with Hyper-V hosts, VMGranularRecovery add-on enable rapid restoration of files or databases within Guest VMs.

Backup to tape, hard drive, Iomega® REV™ drive, Tandberg QuickStor, NAS, FTP.

A free 30-day trial download version is available to enable users to get their backups working today. Reseller enquiries are welcomed.

Windows Backup made easy - BackupAssist

At last, small and medium sized businesses have a simple Windows backup software for Windows Servers. It's fast getting praise from IT professionals and business owners for delivering a complete Windows backup system, while being easy to use.

BackupAssist can perform backup for Windows Servers, Exchange Server and SQL Server. BackupAssist makes Windows backup simple, and gives businesses the benefits of an industry best-practice backup system - out of the box!

Perform Windows backup to Tape, Hard Drive, NAS, File or REV drive.

"Simple Windows backup software designed for Windows Servers, that's priced affordably, is easy to use and provides a reliable and foolproof backup system for small and medium business..."

Easy server backup scheduling with BackupAssist

Select from a range of preconfigured, industry-standard rotation schemes.

Backup email notifications

Receive daily email reminders, so you always know which tape or disk to insert.

BackupAssist - Windows Backup that's simple to use

The "push-button" configuration wizard guides you through the essential steps to create a reliable data backup strategy. Other features, such as report monitoring (via email or printer), keep you informed of backup results automatically, and ensures the process is hassle free.

You are even instructed by BackupAssist (via email) on when to change tapes - effectively minimizing human error.

"Installation was a breeze, and setup was too. So far, BackupAssist is doing EXACTLY what I want it to do, and even more. If I don't run into any problems over the next couple of weeks, I will definitely go ahead and make the purchase, and I'll be telling our other Admins to forget the incredibly expensive, supposed "industry standards" with which they're continually having problems."

BackupAssist - Windows Backup that's affordable

Priced at just $279.00 USD, BackupAssist™ is aleading alternative alternative to more widely known brands of Windows backup software - less than one quarter the price of competing products, such as Veritas BackupExec™ and CA Arcserve.

"This is possible due to some very clever technological innovations" says CEO Linus Chang.

"I'm glad that we found BackupAssist. Whilst we realise the importance of backups ourselves, it has always been difficult to sell to clients in small to medium business when we had to include software with a $1000+ price tag. BackupAssist will make the sale much easier not only because of the price tag, but because we KNOW that it works so well."

Network Backup to Tape, Hard Drive, NAS, REV Drive, File

BackupAssist allows you to backup to tape drive, hard drive, NAS (eg. SNAP Server), REV drive or to a generic file.

Customer testimonials

"We needed a low-cost backup solution for one of our servers... BackupAssist has an advantage over expensive software solutions because it's simple, cost-effective and gets the job done without creating a complicated mess like some of the expensive packages do."

"Found it to be the most cost effective solution to backing up our two Windows servers."

"Simple. Works. Easy to install and use. Thanks for making a product that makes my job EASIER!!!"

"It's very easy to use. Other solutions were too expensive with almost same capabilities."

"I purchased BackupAssist because I was tired of pulling my hair out with [a competitor's] over priced and overly complex software.

"BackupAssist was the third or fourth demo I downloaded via Google. Ease of use. BackupAssist provided me with all the features I needed with a very easy to use setup/configuration interface.

"Good job with BackupAssist. Other backup software companies should take follow your lead."