7 things you don’t want in your server room

Image via Flickr: judsond

It’s going to be a bad day when you pop into the server room to use your favorite backup software and find…

1. Servers choking on years of dust

Image via Overclock.net: Killabytes


2. Bins precariously placed above your backup tapes to catch water from the air conditioner

Image via The Register


3. A spaghetti pile of cabling


Image via Dotcom-monitor.com


4. A fluoro spaghetti pile of cabling

Image via Dotcom-monitor.com


5. A toilet nested among spaghetti cabling

Image via Dotcom-monitor.com


6. A raccoon in the server room

(Ok so this raccoon hasn’t been in a server room but the team over at Rally Dev actually had a raccoon tear apart their racks last year.)


Image via Flickr: rengber


7. A fire. Never a fire. Ever.

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