Backup device speed testing – the most comprehensive survey ever done!

Hello everyone,

Questions that we often get asked:

  • How much faster is eSATA over USB?
  • Are 3.5″ drives faster than 2.5″ drives for backup?
  • How to RDX drives compare to normal 2.5″ USB drives?
  • How do tape drives compare to HDDs in backup speed?
  • Is there much difference between drive imaging and file backup?

We simply couldn’t find the answers on the Internet without reading vendors’ shameless marketing propaganda! What we needed was an objective test with real results.

So we spent countless hours testing a range of different devices to answer these questions, and more! Find out the results by downloading one of the following PDFs:

Cheat sheet format – one page summary for busy professionals, including basic recommendations for success.

White paper format – get the full details of all tests, including details on the testing methodology, exact details of all hardware and software used, and a comprehensive discussion on findings and recommendations.



3 thoughts on “Backup device speed testing – the most comprehensive survey ever done!”

  1. Thanks for that

    What results would you expect for NAS on 1Gb ethernet. I worked out the max banwidth would be 1/8 * 60 * 60 = 450GB/hr but I guess the network card and hard disk will be limiting factors.

    Also my HP LTO-2 Ultrium 448 can do 173 GB/hr compressed = 86.5GB/hr.or will the tape engine be a limiting factor.




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