BackupAssist Reseller portal enhancements

As a BackupAssist reseller, you gain access to an online portal so you can place new orders, manage your customers licensing requirements and manage your account. With our ongoing commitment to our global channel partner program, we have recently released some new features that will help resellers manage their customers’ requirements. This article looks at these new features.

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The new Reseller Portal features include:

  • A new quotation feature
  • Auto renewals of BackupCare / Upgrade Protection for new orders.
  • Auto renewals of BackupCare / Upgrade Protection for existing orders.
  • Multi-user accounts, to limit staff access to our Reseller Portal.

To read more about our reseller program and apply, simply visit

New quotations feature

You can now request a quotation for new orders of BackupAssist and renewals of a BackupCare.

With our new quotation feature, you can:

  • Request a quote for a new order
  • Request a quote for a BackupCare renewal
  • Retrieve an existing quote
  • Edit a quote
  • Approve a quote

To access the Quotations page, select the Purchase and Pricing menu, then Quotations


From the Quotations page you can:

  • Request a Quote, to start a new quote.
  • Request a BackupCare Quote, for renewals of BackupCare.
  • Retrieve a Quote, to retrieve an old quote so you can place the order.

Once your quotation has been saved, you can perform the following actions, as shown in the screen shot below.

  • Edit a Quotation, to change the products requested.
  • Approve a Quotation, to place an order.
  • Remove a Quotation, to delete the quotation permanently.
  • Download a Quotation, to download a PDF of the quotation.


New auto renewals feature

Now you can enable auto renewal on your customers’ BackupCare subscriptions before they expire.

  • Enable auto renewals for existing orders with BackupCare / Upgrade Protection.
  • Enable auto renewals for new orders with BackupCare Upgrade Protection.

 This ensures that your customers receive the 30% early renewal discount.

 Auto Renewing BackupCare for existing orders

Setting up auto renewal for existing BackupCare orders is easy.

  1. Select the My Account menu.
  2. Select Invoices/Licenses.
  3. Enter the search criteria and select Display invoices.

Next to each invoice listed are the available action icons. You can mouse-over a button or refer to the Legend, to see the action performed by each icon.

renewal existing2

4. Click on the Create Auto Renewal icon next to the invoice.

A window will open with the auto renewal options.

5. Select the length of BackupCare, then click the Create Auto Renewal button.

renewal existing

Automatic Renewals for new BackupCare orders

When placing a new order you can set BackupAssist to automatically renew the customer’s BackupCare.

All it takes is a couple of clicks:

  1. Select the Purchase and Pricing menu.
  2. Select New Order.

After you have entered the organization’s details:

  1. Tick the box for Auto Renew BackupCare.
  2. Use Choose Months to select 12 or 24 months.


Once you have completed entering the order details, select Place order.

Important things to know

  • The auto renewal will take place 7 days before the expiry date.
  • We will continue to advise you of upcoming customers due for renewal and auto renewal in your BackupCare summary emails.
  • You can cancel an auto renewal before the anniversary date from the Invoices / Licenses section of the Reseller Portal. If the automatic renewal order has been placed, our normal refund policy applies.

Better sorting and filtering of reports

When you display your invoices, you can now sort them by their columns such as date, registered to and status. You can also apply filters to the results displayed, such as organization type, plan type, invoice type and BackupAssist version.

Support for multiple portal accounts

Employees can now be set up with access to the Reseller portal using different account types. Each account type has a different level of access so that you can control what sections of the Reseller Portal your reseller staff have access to.

To create a staff account:

  1. Select the My Account menu
  2. Select Accounts Management
  3. Select Create new account
  4. Enter the details and select Sales or Support for the account type.

Once the account has been created, you will be provided with a random password for the account.


To modify an existing account, you just select the actions button beside the account and select one of the options available (reset password, suspend / delete account and modify account) as shown in the screenshot below.

The modify account option will allow you to change the account’s Role, and the information you entered when the account was created.


We hope you find these new features useful. If you have any other ideas for features you would like to see included, we’re happy to take requests.

Simply contact our sales team via

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