BackupAssist v 7.4.2 now available

We’ve just launched the latest version of BackupAssist – version 7.4.2.

With 19 improvements including enhanced restore features and reporting, we thought it was important for you to get your hands on this new release right away!

If you would like to read about all the new features and enhancements, we have put together some comprehensive release notes.


Improved Backup Reports

Your backup reports for System Protection, File Protection, File Archiving and SQL Protection now have a new Restore section. This section will tell you what your restore options are, including your Hyper-V and Exchange restore options. With this information, you now know exactly what your backups can be used for.

Restore with queued backups

This new feature allows you to queue your backup jobs while a restore is running. This enables more stable restores, and removes any conflicts between backup jobs and restores that use the same data or storage device.

Upgrade Today

If you have a v7 license or valid Upgrade Protection, you can upgrade to BackupAssist v7.4 for free.

Not sure if your Upgrade Protection is up to date? Check your license and renew today to get BackupAssist v7.4.

Download Today

Download v7.4.2 today!



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