BackupAssist v6.4.0 Released

Cortex IT Labs today announced the latest release in their flagship product BackupAssist.

BackupAssist v6.4.0 makes a large step forward for the BackupAssist product in adding support for iSCSI backups as well as the all new RecoverAssist recovery environment.



BackupAssist now supports backing up to and recovering from iSCSI devices. iSCSI backups out performs all other network backups and USB 2.0 – which makes for faster backups. In fact iSCSI can perform up to twice as fast as other backup destinations.


RecoverAssist makes light work of Windows® backup recoveries. Bare metal disaster recovery. Recover to dissimilar hardware. Create your own recovery media. Repairs broken recoveries. You name it RecoverAssist helps you do it. With an integrated tool-kit that automatically repairs recoveries that otherwise would Blue Screen with standard Windows Recovery software. You can even load your own drivers onto the recovery environment. What more could you ask for in a recovery tool-kit?

Downloads and Release Notes

The latest version of BackupAssist can be downloaded online from BackupAssist v6.4.0 is a free upgrade for all existing BackupAssist v6 licence holders. Current BackupAssist v4 or v5  customers will need to upgrade their licence online to use the added functionality in BackupAssist v6.4.0. Upgrades can be purchased online.

Full release notes can be found online.

BackupAssist v6.4.0 no longer includes support for Windows 2000.

3 thoughts on “BackupAssist v6.4.0 Released”

  1. Can i just point out that there appears to be no mention of the latest 6.4.1 Release. This blog appears to be a little out of date. An update on the new release would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks.


    • Hi Scott,

      Thank you for your query.

      BackupAssist v6.4.1 is a maintenance release with several bug fixes. You can view the full release notes on our website or download on-line from here.

      We will take your comment on board and endeavour to publish information on all releases here in the blog.

      Best regards and happy backups,


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