Difference Between Onsite and Offsite Backup

Every business knows the importance of backing up important data but not all understand how to best use onsite and offsite backup solutions . No matter how efficient a computer system appears to be, there is always the possibility of a malfunction wiping out valuable data. For this reason, many companies have set up backup systems, designed to recover lost data. There are both onsite and offsite backup options, and both have certain advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of onsite backup

The advantages of Onsite storage include:

  • immediate access to data
  • less expensive
  • Internet access not needed

The disadvantages

In the event of a catastrophic event, onsite data storage can be destroyed. For example, if there is a fire in the building, onsite servers and the data on them can be lost. Onsite storage units can also be stolen and the data on them compromised.

The advantages of offsite backup

The advantages of Onsite storage include:

  • access to data from any location, via Internet or FTP
  • data will be preserved in the event of an event taking place within the business
  • backup data can be shared with a number of different remote locations

The disadvantages

Data stored offsite can be difficult to access when it is needed. For example, some offsite data servers are routinely taken offline to perform maintenance. During that time period, access to the offsite data will be limited or completely cut off.


Choosing between onsite and offsite backups is usually a matter of preference. Some individuals prefer being able to monitor and keep track of their data and use onsite protection. Others, will choose to use offsite servers to maintain the data, until it is needed.

Some business however implement onsite-offsite solutions. This mean they have local backups that are easy to access, and remote data that is safe and secure.

To create a best practice backup strategy using onsite and offsite backups, visit BackupAssist.

Also check out all the destinations available and the advantages of using a Cloud Backup.

BackupAssist Onsite and offsite backup destinations
BackupAssist Onsite and offsite backup destinations

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