Imaging backup software – the IT pro’s best friend

disk imaging best friend

There are a lot of tools that an IT pro needs day to day, but few are as vital as a decent imaging backup software.  An IT pro without it is a carpenter without a hammer, The Doctor without a sonic screwdriver, 60’s Batman without skin-tight leggings and an arsenal of puns.  Without it, the job is a lot more difficult.  We’re going to take a look at what imaging backup software does, and why it’s a tireless best-friend for IT pro’s everywhere.

The one-stop solution to most user-errors

imaging backup software solution

User received an email from a troubled Nigerian prince, opened the attachment and now your systems are all encrypted? If you have a bare-metal image backup, problem solved – just perform a recovery.  User decided the best place for their glass of water was perched precariously atop their workstation? Recover from an image backup.  User traded their laptop for magic beans and now needs their oh-so-important data restored to the replacement? Recover from an image backup!

Imaging backup software is the comfort that no matter how hard end-users try, they can’t cause too much damage.

The best cure for an angry manager

disk imaging software - angry manager

The need for imaging backup software is even more dire when looking down the barrel of a furious manager who has just lost his important proposal to a hardware crash.  For the average IT pro, the ability to quickly recover an image backup and save the day could mean the difference between becoming the office’s golden-child for the next 6 months, and hastily updating a resume.

Imaging backup software is the safety-net for the IT pro’s job security.

The friend to IT budgets everywhere

disk imaging software - accountant

Like all truly good friends, imaging backup software won’t cost you a fortune to spend time with.  Unlike more complicated backup and recovery features that can quickly become pricey, image backup is a tireless workhorse that comes included in most good backup software.  This makes it easy for IT pros to recover their systems and data reliably without needing a budget to rival a small nation’s treasury.

Imaging backups are cost-effective data protection.

So, you want some imaging backup software?

BackupAssist 8 box V4 angle NEW

Well, we have you covered.  Imaging backups are a breeze with the BackupAssist System Protection feature.  Best thing?  It’s included in the base license of BackupAssist, so you get to benefit from one of the most affordable solutions on the market – that’s going to make the IT pros and the accountants equally as happy.

Go ahead, take a 30 day free trial for a spin.  You know you want to.

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