It’s the End of Life for BackupAssist v4.

We have discontinued all support services and upgrade paths for BackupAssist v4 as of the 28th February 2011.

Version 4 of BackupAssist was released in May 2007 and we have enjoyed providing you with support for this version over the past few years. We’ve made many improvements and additions to BackupAssist since then, including the release of BackupAssist v5 in October 2008.  After releasing BackupAssist v6 last year, and adding even more functionality to the software, we decided that it was time to hang up the boots for version 4 in early 2011.

While you can continue using BackupAssist v4, we will no longer be providing technical support for this version and you can no longer purchase upgrades for any of your version 4 licenses; you will instead need to purchase new BackupAssist v6 licenses at the standard price.

You can find out more about our End of Life policy for BackupAssist v4 here.

We thank all of our loyal version 4 customers for continuing to use BackupAssist, and especially thank all those who have upgraded to BackupAssist v6. If you have any questions about the End of Life for version 4, please let us know.

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