Lost backup history with iSCSI. How to ensure multiple restore points


A small number of our customers have recently reported that some historical iSCSI backups are being corrupted and lost.  Although this is undoubtedly troubling, even in such cases these customers’ most recent backups and data have remained unaffected.  This means they are still able to retain a safe restore point at all times.

This issue is affecting a very limited number of customers and we are currently working with Microsoft on a fix, which will be available in the very near future.

Although we stress again that this issue is very limited in its scope, in order to avoid becoming affected we strongly recommend you implement the advice offered in our Best Practice Backups article.  The article discusses in detail the best-practice approaches to backups and includes the application of different backup types, destinations and schedules to best protect your data and systems.

Incorporating these best-practice techniques into your overall strategy will  ensure you have multiple backup options to restore older backups should disaster strike.

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