Mailbox exporting – new feature for Notes, Contacts, Calendar, etc.

Hi world,

Thanks to an excellent suggestion of one of our resellers, we’ve included in our latest release (v5.1.2) a feature that allows you to export all Notes, Contacts, Calendar, Journal (and any other specified folders) to each PST file, regardless of date range.

For those who aren’t familiar with how our Mailbox Add-on works – we export mail items for each private mailbox to PST files, and group them by date range (such as by month, quarter, or year). This prevents PST files from getting too large, and it also is useful for archiving purposes.

The default behaviour of BackupAssist is to export everything that falls by date range into the different PST files. While great for emails, it also means that if you want to recover all your notes and contacts, you need to open each PST file and copy the items back, because only those contacts that were created in the given time period would be in a given PST file. [Hope this makes sense – eg. if I add a contact in January 08, that will be in the Jan-08 PST file, but if I add it in March 08, it will be in the Mar-08 PST file.]

Now what we’ve done instead is give you the option to put all notes, contacts, calendar, journal, etc., items in every PST file, so the recovery is much simpler.

To use this new feature, upgrade to v5.1.2, and in the advanced options tab, check the box to say “Always backup contacts, notes, etc, without date restriction”. It’s that simple. Note: you need to explicitly activate this feature, as our general policy with upgrades is not to alter the default behaviour.



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