Network backup issue fixed for Zip and File Replication engines in v6.2.7 – download now!

Hi everyone,

As you may be aware, BackupAssist v6.2.7 was recently made available to the public.

This is a highly recommended release that we’re advising all users of the Zip and File Replication engines to install.

The issue which we’ve resolved is related to backing up network shares using the engines listed above. The network shares may not have been entirely backed up; however the backup report states that the entire backup was successful.

You can determine if you’re subject to this issue by attempting to perform a restore of your data (from a successful backup). If you find that not all files are available to be restored, you need the v6.2.7 fix.

The reason for the backup not completing the entire selection is due to trying to exceed maximum number of network handles being used. When this happens the connection is automatically disconnected.

A possible side effect to the v6.2.7 update is more data being backed up which means you may find that your backups take longer to run and the overall size increases substantially (see example data below).

Before V6.2.7 After V6.2.7
Backup Size: 47 GB
Files: 113,219
Skipped files: 100
Duration: 52 minutes
Backup Size: 395.78 GB
Files: 237,641
Skipped files: 4*
Duration: 10 hours 56 minutes

* Skipped files were due to files being in use on the network share at the time of backup.

As mentioned earlier this issue affects all BackupAssist users backing up network shares using the Zip or File Replication engines.

You can upgrade to BackupAssist v6.2.7 by downloading the installer from

It’s a free update for all users running BackupAssist version 6 and can be installed directly over the top of your current installation. A reboot is required.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything mentioned above, please e-mail us at for further assistance.

The BackupAssist Team

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