New Maintenance Release: BackupAssist v6.2.6 now available for download.

Hi all,

We have recently made BackupAssist v6.2.6 available to the public!

This is a maintenance release which includes fixes to some known issues within the Zip engine and also the UI of the software.
For more details on what this release addresses, please check the release notes located here.

To download v6.2.6 of the software, please visit our download page at

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mailing

2 thoughts on “New Maintenance Release: BackupAssist v6.2.6 now available for download.”

  1. Looking forward to improvements in speed, multiple schedule per day like Every Hour or Multiple times in day, Improvements in Restore console, single email restore.

  2. Hi Bhavesh,

    Thanks for your comment. Our development team are looking into these types of improvements with the scheduling options and restore console.

    Please subcribe to the releases RSS feed if you haven’t already so that you’re alerted when we make a release with your preferred options available. The RSS feed is accessible from

    BackupAssist Support


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