Re-examining the Exchange backup tools

A few days ago we penned an article about the new direction we are taking for Exchange backups and the concept behind it. That’s what today’s article is about; looking at the benefits of integrating Exchange backups with existing tools and how this can make your backups and restores simpler.

Merging backup tools

The idea we are promoting is that Exchange backups should be integrated with existing backup technologies like System Protection or File Archiving.

We believe this will not only improve the backup tools themselves but it will also lead to a more unified backup strategy. Merging backups into the current backups tools has some obvious pay offs:

  • Simpler user experience:  when setting up there is no need to perform an initial export of mailboxes or configure settings
  • Less time backing up and more time running business critical processes: no need to export hundreds of mailboxes in addition to your regular server backup – saving processor cycles and energy
  • Cuts storage space requirements: no need to double up by storing PST files as well as whole Exchange databases
  • Uses VSS, a Microsoft standardized technology: standardization is no mere label; it brings with it the benefits of increased backup speed and decreased interference with the processes running Exchange
  • Avoids PST size limitation issues: inboxes of any size can be backed up

What do you think?

As before, we really want to hear what you think about this new approach so please comment below to share your thoughts.

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