Some BackupAssist tips from Zen Software

Zen Software logoZen Software, the UK distributor of BackupAssist, has recently made some excellent blog postings about various aspects of BackupAssist. Please take time to check through them to see if the issues raised and solved will help you:

  • Hyper-V Support Host vs Guests — February 10, 2012 — With Hyper-V backups, remember that it could well be the Guest machines that are the root of the problem even though the error is showing on the Host.
  • BackupAssist Single Instance Store confusion — February 6, 2012 — Windows Explorer thinks more backup storage space is being used than is in reality being used because it doesn’t allow for the use of a Single Instance Store.
  • Exchange mailbox backups with BackupAssist — February 1, 2012 — By utilising the BackupAssist Exchange Mailbox Add-on you can create an additional brick-level backup of all your users’ mailboxes and public folders and store them within standard Microsoft PST files. This makes it easy to recover just a single mailbox, or even specific emails.
  • Rsync vs. file replication — which is best for your local backups? — January 27, 2012 — Cost and performance issues to consider which choosing which type of job to use when backing up files across a local network from one server to another.
  • BackupAssist’s rsync ‘seed’ function explained — January 18, 2012 — Using the seed function, on a standard office Internet connection, administrators can see the first backup taking just a few hours rather than what could potentially have been a few days.

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