The 5 worst places to keep your offsite backups

This is just a short list of all those places you really don’t want to keep your backups. Add more in the comments section if you’ve got anything scarier…

1. Next to magnets

Taking your backup tapes home to store might seem like a good idea, until you store them next to that colleague’s Christmas present, which happens to be… high power magnets.

2. This UPS-less data center

Or anywhere else that is burning or exploding.

3. Megaupload

The infamous online storage and file sharing network was pulled down at the start 2012 with little warning to those who had data stored there. Gigabytes and gigabytes of precious cat photos and episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians were lost forever.

4. California, New York, Washington or Florida

If you backup online or to the cloud, chances are your data is already in one of these, the states with the most data centers. Oh and they also happen to be the states where the majority of large, FEMA declared disasters happen.

Via Gigaom

5. North of The Wall

Wildlings and walkers don’t take kindly to little lords and ladies like you storing data in the icy northern wastes.

Image via Tumblr

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