Unattended upgrade script – BETA

Hi all,

How do you upgrade a BackupAssist installation? Well, up until now, the answer has been: manually.

But one of our Aussie helpdesk team, Aaron, has done a great job in writing a VB script that will download the latest BackupAssist installation to a temp directory, uninstall the old version and install the new version – thereby performing an automated upgrade.

We’ve tested this on a variety of machines – SBS 2003, Vista, XP, Server 2008, and SBS 2008 – and it has worked for us. Now it’s time to turn it over to the community and get some feedback on this.

To run the script – save the text below to a vbs file – say BAUpgrader.vbs – and then run it from the command prompt:

cscript BAUpgrader.vbs

Make sure you’re running the command prompt as the Administrator user, with elevated rights if you have UAC turned on.

If you have any feedback, please post a comment below. We have not yet tested it with management software like Kaseya – but if you’d like to give it a go (in a non-production environment!) please feel free.

Also note that this is a BETA script, so the usual disclaimers apply.

—- Note: this script is subject the same EULA as BackupAssist —-

sTarget = “C:\temp”

Set objFSO = CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)
If Not objFSO.FolderExists(sTarget) Then
End If

strFileURL = “http://www.backupassist.com/downloads/releases/latest/BackupAssistV5.msi”
strHDLocation = “c:\temp\BackupAssistV5.msi”

Set objXMLHTTP = CreateObject(“MSXML2.XMLHTTP”)

objXMLHTTP.open “GET”, strFileURL, false

If objXMLHTTP.Status = 200 Then

WScript.StdOut.Write “Downloading the latest version of BackupAssist…” & VbCrLf & VbCrLf
Set objADOStream = CreateObject(“ADODB.Stream”)
objADOStream.Type = 1 ‘adTypeBinary

objADOStream.Write objXMLHTTP.ResponseBody
objADOStream.Position = 0

Set objFSO = Createobject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)
If objFSO.Fileexists(strHDLocation) Then objFSO.DeleteFile strHDLocation
Set objFSO = Nothing

objADOStream.SaveToFile strHDLocation
WScript.StdOut.Write “Download complete” & VbCrLf & VbCrLf
Set objADOStream = Nothing
End if

Dim installer
Set installer = CreateObject(“WindowsInstaller.Installer”)
strTempProdCode = “”
For Each strProductCode In installer.Products

If installer.ProductInfo(strProductCode, “InstalledProductName”) = “BackupAssist v5” Then

strTempProdCode = strProductCode
End If


set fso = Wscript.CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)

If Not strTempProdCode = “” Then

If fso.FileExists(“C:\Temp\BackupAssistV5.msi”) Then

Dim objShell
strTemp = strTempProdCode & ” /passive”
Set objShell = CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
objShell.Run “%comspec% /c msiexec /x ” & strTemp _
& “& msiexec /package c:\temp\BackupAssistV5.msi /passive”
WScript.StdOut.Write”Automated update was successful”

Else WScript.StdOut.Write”The BackupAssist update did not download. The automated update was unsuccessful”

End If

WScript.StdOut.Write “BackupAssist is not currently installed on this machine!”& VbCrLf &”Automatic updating not available!” & VbCrLf & VbCrLf

End If

7 thoughts on “Unattended upgrade script – BETA”

  1. Silly question.

    What about adding on the ability to send an email once its run.

    That way it could be set as a scedualed task on servers, then alert people once its ran and what its done..

  2. Here’s my attempt at a Kaseya script. I’ve ran it on a few servers and it seems OK.

    *** Use at your own risk ***

    Any feedback suggestions welcomed.

    Script Name: UpgradeBA_V5
    Script Description: This script checks for the existence of BackupAssist V5 and if present, downloads the current installation file and installs.

    IF Test File
    Parameter 1 : C:\Program Files\BackupAssist v5\BackupAssist.exe
    Exists :
    Get Variable
    Parameter 1 : 10
    Parameter 2 :
    Parameter 3 : temp
    OS Type : 0
    Get URL
    Parameter 1 : http://www.backupassist.com/downloads/releases/latest/BackupAssistV5.msi
    Parameter 2 : #temp#\BackupAssistV5.msi
    Parameter 3 : 3
    OS Type : 13
    Execute Shell Command
    Parameter 1 : msiexec /i #temp#\BackupAssistV5.msi /passive
    Parameter 2 : 1
    OS Type : 13
    Write Script Log Entry
    Parameter 1 : BackupAssist upgraded on machine #machineID#
    OS Type : 13
    Write Script Log Entry
    Parameter 1 : Inappropriate attempt to upgrade BackupAssist on machine #machineID#
    OS Type : 0

  3. Hi everyone,

    It’s come to our attention that copying/pasting the script from the blog post is changing the encoding of the characters – causing issues when compiling and running the script.

    However; I’ve now uploaded a couple of .rar files containing the scripts to the BackupAssist website which you can just download and run the script without having to edit it at all. The links are as follows:



    Stuart Edwards
    BackupAssist Support

  4. Thanks for a script. I look for your backup software, and there is one strange thing I’ve noticed:
    you have very simple user interface, and every newbie is able to back up his data, but this script seems to be for advanced users. Please create an .exe-file which performs upgrade manually!
    Anyway, fine software!

  5. So we’ve moved away from Kaseya and I’m trying to deploy this with the vbs script but I’m getting “RegularUpdate.vbs(50, 6) Msi API Error: ProductInfo,Product,Attribute” in stderr.

    Has something changed with the MSI since this was written?


  6. Does this have a scheduled backup feature?

    I tried this BackupAssist on my files on website to backup but I got an error RegularUpdate.vbs(50, 6) Msi API Error: ProductInfo,Product,Attribute


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