What’s new in BackupAssist v8.4? Let’s find out!

What's new in BackupAssist v8.4

We’ve got some great news for all BackupAssist users – the latest feature release of our solution is now available for download.  BackupAssist v8.4 offers some great new features to improve your backup and disaster recovery capabilities even further.  Protecting your data just keeps on getting easier.

Here’s what you gain by downloading BackupAssist v8.4 today.

Lots of improvements to MultiSite Manager

For MultiSite Manager users, the v8.4 update is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.  We’ve taken a lot of time to listen to our customers since the release of MultiSite Manager, and we’ve taken all of this feedback into account with this new release.  The 8.4 version of MultiSite Manager offers the features you’ve been asking for.

The most exciting of these changes is to the email reporting aesthetics offered by MultiSite Manager.  Previously, these reports were fairly matter of fact – displaying just the necessary data without any frills.  But we had a lot of customers request that some graphics be included and the formatting be optimized in order to make it easier to digest the most important information at a glance.  And that’s exactly what we’ve done!  The MultiSite Manager reports now look much more similar to the BackupAssist reports that our customers know and love.

Another great new improvement to MultiSite Manager is the ability to customize the host name for the Multisite Manager server, which allows users to avoid browser warnings when the https certificate doesn’t match the Multisite Manager server name.  What’s more, you can also now configure MultiSite Manager in offline mode.

The last improvement we’ll mention quickly here, is the ability to display all license keys managed by MultiSite Manager within a dedicated pop-up window for easy viewing and printing.

Not using MultiSite Manager currently, but like the sound of these new improvements? You can get more information and try it free for 30 days by clicking here.

Server 2012 deduplication

BackupAssist v8.4 deduplication

The deduplication feature of Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 is something that a lot of our customers utilize – it’s a great way to save disk space and improve performance.  That’s why our last few releases have steadily improved BackupAssist’s ability to maintain and leverage this native deduplication in our customers’ backups.  Well, BackupAssist v8.4 continues the trend!

In BackupAssist v8.4, we’ve added information on any deduplicated volumes contained within a backup to the relevant backup reports.  That means you can easily identify at a glance which backups contain deduplicated volumes, and take this into consideration in your backup and disaster recovery strategy.

This makes life that much simpler for BackupAssist users running Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 who utilize deduplication.

Improvements to backup space management

backupassist v8.4 space management

Managing the storage space on your backup destinations is a necessary evil of running a successful backup strategy – well, with BackupAssist v8.4 that job just got considerably easier.  In v8.4, if your System Protection backups fail due to insufficient storage space, we’ve included a feature that will allow the backup to automatically retry after deleting the oldest backups on the drive.  This means no more time spent manually clearing storage space and running another backup at an inopportune moment.

BackupAssist v8.4 manages your space efficiently and effectively so that you don’t have to.

To find out the full details of this feature and all other features, patches and fixes included in BackupAssist v8.4, read the complete release notes here.

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