Finally, a backup solution that's easy to install, easy to manage and demonstrates your value to your clients

Backup - The Way It Should Be

Have you ever put your best effort into providing a backup solution, but had the feeling your client was left slightly disgruntled... because they didn?t understand the value you had provided, or why you had charged that amount of money?

BackupAssist&trade addresses the 'pain points' felt by resellers and I.T. consultants trying to implement a simple, robust backup solution for clients. You?ll demonstrate your real value... and get a truly happy client.

Specific 'pain points' addressed by BackupAssist
BackupAssist Easy to install - 7 minute setup time
BackupAssist Easy to manage - no certification required
BackupAssist Clients recognize its value - visible & verifiable reporting
BackupAssist SMB-friendly pricing - makes for an easy sell

Easy to install

Ever spent hours installing software when you expected it to be done in under one hour? And felt a bit embarrassed charging your client for the extra time you spent? But there were just too many settings to configure, too many roadblocks and too steep a learning curve.

In contrast, BackupAssist is the way it should be. So easy to install, it takes just 7 minutes to get backups running. Simple configuration wizards take the user through each step. It?s as easy as adding a backup job, selecting files and directories, and selecting a preconfigured rotation scheme.

There's none of the enterprise-level complexity that clutters up other products and gets you frustrated. In fact, BackupAssist is so simple, no certification or training is required.

"I found that using BackupAssist significantly reduced the time taken to set up the backups, scheduling scripts, and explain the whole process to our client - thus saving time and money. All our clients want is a simple backup strategy that?s secure, easy to follow and implement, and BackupAssist provides just that."

Easy to manage

There nothing more frustrating than wasting time at your clients' sites managing troublesome software.

BackupAssist is the way it should be - it really is 'set and forget' software. Install it, and then it runs on autopilot. BackupAssist emails daily instructions and reports to users, and simple interfaces make management easy. Management can be left to junior technicians or clients.

"We needed a backup system that not only was foolproof - we had to be able to 'set it; and, forget it'. It also had to send us a message when it backed up successfully or when it did not back up successfully. It had to have the ability to tell us what files were giving problems on backup. And as an added treat, it had to remind us to 'put in the tape'. Your product delivered 'in spades'."

Clients recognize its value

The problem with most server-based software is that they either work invisibly or dump complex, cryptic report logs that are impossible for the client to understand. Clients are left wondering what your solution is doing - even whether it?s actually working - and why they paid so much for it.

Instead, BackupAssist is the way it should be. No more cryptic report logs - simple reports allow the client to instantly see the status of each backup. BackupAssist will even verify a backup status and email it to you or you client. With this approach, clients can see their backups are successful everyday - and clearly see the value your solution provides them.

"[BackupAssist has] ease of use, simple email interface and good reliable reporting. [A competitor] for example is a nightmare for the average user to understand whether the backup was successful or not. Some of our larger clients are also interested in your product, simply because it lets them know, quickly and simply, whether the backup has worked or not."

SMB-friendly pricing

And best of all, this smarter solution doesn?t cost the world. In fact, our SMB-friendly pricing of makes it an easy sell to smaller businesses - just the way it should be. No wonder thousands of resellers in 61 countries are now choosing the BackupAssist solution.

"It has always been difficult to sell to clients in small to medium business when we had to include software with a $1000+ price tag. BackupAssist will make the sale much easier not only because of the price tag, but because we KNOW that it works so well."

Many people say this is the product Microsoft should have provided. BackupAssist - the way it should be.

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You can start backing up today simply by downloading the fully featured, 30 day trial. The download is just 10MB and it usually takes a few minutes to install and set up.

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