BackupAssist v7.4.6 patch available


Version 7.4.6 introduces an important update if you are still using series 7 of our software and backing up with iSCSI.

A small number of v7 customers had reported that some historical iSCSI backups were being lost and corrupted. We fixed this problem with Version 8, but as some of our customers are still using v7 (mostly customers with Windows 2003 Server) we have included the patch into v7 as well.   You can download v7.4.6 today.

If you’re using Windows Server 2008 or newer, we strongly recommend you upgrade to v8.  However, if your OS won’t allow you to upgrade the v7.4.6 patch will ensure your data and systems remain properly protected.

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The BackupAssist v7.4.6 patch includes a number of bug fixes and minor improvements to the v7 software, which are aimed at ensuring Windows Server 2003 users can still benefit from BackupAssist’s high-quality protection.

The most important of these fixes is regarding backing up with iSCSI.  A very small number of our v7 users reported that historical backups were being lost and corrupted when using iSCSI.  This has been fixed in v8, but for those customers whose operating systems won’t allow them to utilize v8, the v7.4.6 patch will ensure the benefit of this fix is still available.

Therefore, if you are continuing to use BackupAssist v7 with iSCSI, it is vital that you download the v7.4.6 patch to ensure optimal protection of your systems and data.  We also recommend you read this article regarding the iSCSI issue, and adhere to our best practice backups guide at all times.

In addition to the iSCSI fix, there are a number of other improvements, bug fixes and tweaks in v7.4.6 including:


  • Fix to a bug that had been causing “next run time” to show incorrectly for some jobs under certain circumstances

Server 2012 R2

  • Fix to a bug that had been giving “false positive” BA728 errors for some Hyper-V backups when Microsoft KB2919355 is not installed

System Protection

  • Improvement to retention of backup history for iSCSI and Data Container jobs – a very small number of users had been experiencing issues with retaining their backup history when using iSCSI, but this is now fixed.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements


  • “Unattended installation” has been re-enabled when using msi
  • Fix to a bug that caused the trial period to malfunction on some machines
  • Updated EULA

See the full release notes here.

Patch with v7.4.6


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