It’s Friday: treat yourself to (data backup themed) viral videos

data backup viral videos

It’s the end of the week.  You’ve worked hard, we’re sure.  Splash out on some company time and crack a smile at these viral videos.  Don’t worry, you can rationalize it – they’re all (albeit vaguely) related to data backup.

Here’s why data backup is important, as explained by YouTube’s finest.

 Bad things happen in server rooms…


Cost of a wheelie chair – $50

Cost of the average rack server – $2000+

Cost of data backup when this genius tries to combine the two – Priceless.

Ouch.  That’s like discovering your parachute bag is actually just filled with live snakes.

Okay, this looks bad… But most of that water is actually the Sys Admin’s tears.

At least overheating isn’t an issue…

Workstations get broken…

Anger Management – it’s like preemptive data backup.

Okay, so this one is probably an ad… but on the off chance you do keep sledgehammers around the office, you’re going to want some decent  backups in place too.

We’re sure this seemed like a good idea at the time.

Okay, okay. We admit, these ones don’t have anything to do with data backup.

If Microsoft developed a version of Google Glass.

Best. Use. Of. HDD. Platters. EVER.  – Hey, this one’s kinda data backup related too! That worked out nicely.

We hope you enjoyed these as much as we did.  We’ll admit the link to data backup was pretty tenuous, but at least your Friday afternoon will pass a little faster now!

Funny videos aside though, data backup is important stuff.  While we have your attention, feel free to take a stroll around the BackupAssist site and discover how we can improve protection of your vital systems and data.  Don’t forget, you can always take our full-featured free 30 day trial for a spin completely risk-free and see how well it works in your environment.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.

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