Exchange Backups using File Protection – Important Information

The release of BackupAssist v9 introduced lots of new features and enhancements, including multiple speed improvements.  For the vast majority of customers, these optimizations increased performance across most backup types.

However, recently we have had some limited reports of Exchange databases not being backed up with File Protection jobs.

Exchange databases not being backed up

Some customers have encountered specific scenarios where an optimization in File Protection back up’s meant that Exchange database files may not have been backed up – even if the database has changed.

If the Exchange database files are not backed up, this will prevent customers from being able to restore emails and other Exchange content that was created or changed since the last correct backup.

Who is affected

Customers will only be affected if they are running;

  1. BackupAssist version 9.0 through to 9.2.3
  2. Running File Protection jobs
  3. Using Single Instance Store or Mirror Schemes

Who is not affected

Customers will not be effected if they are running;

  1. Any version 7 of BackupAssist
  2. Any version 8 of BackupAssist
  3. Version 9.3 or later of BackupAssist
  4. System Protection or File Archiving backups on BackupAssist version 9.0 through to 9.2.3

If you are affected, your options include

To ensure your Exchange database files are backed up, we highly recommend you choose to implement either of the below alternatives as soon as possible;

  1. Download BackupAssist v9.3. This version of BackupAssist has a fix included. (recommended)
  2. Remain on Backupassist v9.0 through to 9.2.3.  You can keep these versions deployed, however you will need to  turn off Single Instance Store or use a scheme other than Mirror.

After implementing a change

If you decide to implement one of the alternatives above, you will see an increase in the size of your backups.  Your backup size will start to reflect the size of the exchange database. As an example, if your exchange database is 200Mb, you should expect to see your backup at around 200Mb as well.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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