Managing large deployments of BackupAssist Classic just got easy.

We know you love BackupAssist Classic - it's easy to manage on a few servers. But once you have dozens of installations, an extra hand can go a long way. Great for MSP and larger clients with many servers needing backup.

MultiSite Manager

Now you can take care of all your BackupAssist Classic installations from a single pane of glass. What a great backup solution for our MSP and larger clients! Remotely checking backup status, pushing out upgrades, and starting backups and restores are all easily done from one place.  That’s time saved, and job done!

Multisite Manager

BackupAssist Classic already provides, out of the box:
  • An easy to use GUI.
  • Emailed reports to help you remotely stay informed.
  • Effective cyber-resilience, customized and tailored to your organization.
  • Managing many installations remotely can become tedious, requiring Remote Desktop connecting to each machine.
  • Applying upgrades, for example, can take considerable time.

Multisite Manager

Remote administration of BackupAssist Classic becomes as easy as local administration:
  • Common administration tasks become as easy to do remotely as locally.
  • Cuts across client and site boundaries, network firewalls that would normally slow you down.
  • Manages multiple sites (locations), and multiple BackupAssist Classic installations at each site.
  • Secure HTTPS encryption for communication between sites
  • Perfect for companies with centralized I.T. departments that manage multiple sites and servers.
  • Great MSP backup solution, saving time. Manage many clients with many sites and servers.

What's in it for you

Multisite Manager is all about saving time, and promoting convenience.

Here are 6 ways that BackupAssist Multisite Manager helps you:

View all results of all backup jobs from all sites and all installations, on a single pane of glass.
Create, edit, pause or disable backup jobs on any remote installation from a single pane of glass.
Remotely run any backup or restore job on any remote installation from a single pane of glass.
Set up customized reports to see backup results (success, failure, warnings, alerts), delivered via email or single pane of glass.
Manage licenses, see expiration dates, apply new license keys, on any remote installation from a single pane of glass.
Deploy new installations or upgrades of BackupAssist Classic onto any remotely managed machine, from a single pane of glass.

How it works

  • engine Under the Hood
BackupAssist Multisite Manager provides a seamless experience to the user, achieving this by “divide and conquer” at the network level.
Site Topography
User Access and Management
  • Each site (LAN) will have its own Site Controller. A Site Controller can be any installation of BackupAssist Classic.
  • Site Controllers hook up to the Multisite Manager machine.
  • This architecture means firewalls won't impede communications.
  • Each Site Controller will auto-detect installations of BackupAssist on their respective LANs.
  • The Site Controller can also auto-detect machines where BackupAssist Classic may be remotely deployed.
  • HTTPS security is used to encrypt network traffic on the Internet.
  • User accounts can be created with selective site permissions.
  • Users can log on to Multisite Manager from any device via a web browser.
  • What you see:
Using Multisite Manager is convenient and saves time.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, BackupAssist Multisite Manager is a standalone product that is sold separately to BackupAssist Classic. It is licensed on a subscription basis.

  • The Multisite Manager’s computer requires an active Multisite Manager license subscription.
  • A Site Controller needs BackupAssist v8 or later and a BackupCare subscription.
  • A BackupAssist computer needs BackupAssist v8 or later and a BackupCare subscription.


Once you have your first Site Controller installed and functioning, you can push out additional BackupAssist installations to other computers on the same network. Site Controllers can also automatically detect machines on the network where BackupAssist may be deployed.

To use this feature, Powershell Remoting must be enabled, and the person performing the remote install must have privileges to install software (e.g. local admin rights on the target machine). More details can be found here:


We have many MSP clients using Multisite Manager to monitor and manage many server backups. Our reseller programs for (MSP and VAR clients) enable them to use the BackupAssist backup solution across many clients, purchase at special discounted rates and provide a solid backup and recovery solution to their clients.