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We need your help to ensure that BackupAssist evolves as a software to meet you and your customer’s needs.

The beta testing period will run for 30 days from the point of download. You can submit your feedback at any time to beta@backupassist.com; however, we ask that you run the software for at least a week first (except for support issues), to ensure enough data is collected.

If you have any support issues you need remedied at any time during the testing period, please don't hesitate to email us. We will endeavor to provide support with the beta as soon as possible within our business hours.

About Cloud Backup: The Biggest New Addition

BackupAssist 10 introduces Cloud Backup;

  • NEW - New Backup Type: Use Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure for your backup destination.
  • NEW - Move it To the Cloud: Back up files, folders, or applications.
  • NEW - Deduplication: Avoid sending hundreds to thousands of duplicate data chunks to the cloud.
  • NEW - Compression: Cloud Backup data is compressed and sent incrementally.
  • NEW - Encryption:  Encryption and intrusion protection for your cloud backups, on top of any encryption the cloud provider uses.

Feedback & Support

Your feedback during the beta is really important to the final development of the product. Please let us know about any improvements, suggestions, bugs or errors by emailing us via


Below we have provided some useful documentation for deploying and using BackupAssist v10 beta. Use our Quick Start Guide for an overview of the main features and quick deployment.
BackupAssist v10 Quick Start Guide

Please Note: As a beta product, we do not recommend using this version of BackupAssist v10 on live or production machines.

Thanks for Trialling out our software

Once again, our sincere thanks for your help! We hope you like BackupAssist 10!