5 amusing reasons why business backup is no joke

5 reasons business backup

Know someone whose business doesn’t have a backup strategy?  Maybe it’s you… we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, because we’re sure you know how crazy that would be.  Unfortunately the sad truth is that an alarming number of SMBs still don’t have a well-thought out business backup strategy.

Here are the top 5 reasons why this needs to change.  Now.

1. Nature could care less about your data

business backup disaster recovery


2. Data and revenue are basically synonymous 

Business backup data loss


3. Human error is important data’s worst enemy

Business backup human error


4. Technology is a capricious jerk

Business backup technology crash


5. There’s no one more clumsy than your coworkers

Business backup coffee spill


The moral of the story?

Business backup matters.  That’s really all there is to it.  Regardless of whether your business is a multinational enterprise or a one-person ecommerce operation, you have important data that needs protecting.  Server data, customer lists, financial records, email databases – it doesn’t matter what form your data takes.  You need to actively protect it.

In our digital economy, it’s an unavoidable fact that there’s data your business can’t afford to lose.  That’s why a well thought out business backup strategy is vital.  And that’s why it’s so worrying that so many SMBs (and even some larger organizations!) still go without one.

In 2011 IDC conducted a survey across the Asia/Pacific markets and found that a whopping two thirds of organizations would be unable to recover more than 50% of their data following a disaster.  Why? Simply because these businesses hadn’t constructed an adequate business backup strategy that included provisions for disaster recovery.  And this isn’t just mom-and-pop corner stores we’re talking about, the survey included some major corporations operating in that area.

Could your business afford to lose more than 50% of its data?  Let us answer that for you.  No, no it couldn’t.  Fortunately, it’s ludicrously easy to avoid.  All you need is the right business backup software for your system and a well-planned backup strategy for its best-practice implementation.

With business backup software like BackupAssist, there’s no excuse for your crucial data to remain unprotected.  Our software is simple, fast, reliable and above all else affordable.  BackupAssist allows you to keep costs under control by only paying for what you need.  If you don’t need a certain feature, you won’t pay for it.  If you upgrade your systems and do require this feature later on, you can easily upgrade your business backup software too.  It’s the simple and cost-effective way to ensure your data is protected.

Don’t risk your data to chance.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Download your free 30 day trial of BackupAssist right now.


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