Upgrading to BackupAssist v9

The new version of BackupAssist v9 lets you configure and run backups remotely, features a completely redesigned interface that you'll find simpler and more intuitive, and a new suite of tools to make your backups, restores and recoveries of data and systems easier than ever.

We recommend installing BackupAssist v9 on a test machine before upgrading your production machine. Once you have tested v9, you can upgrade your existing installation of BackupAssist.

For help on installing version 9 and viewing new features and functionality, please refer to the BackupAssist v9 Installation Guide.

Upgrading your BackupAssist license key(s)

To license the latest version of BackupAssist you need valid Upgrade Protection. Upgrade Protection gives you access to the latest version and support when you need it. To confirm your current Upgrade Protection status simply check your current license,
Once you have checked your license, choose from one of the options below;

  • If your Upgrade Protection is expired, you can renew this from our renewal page.
  • If your Upgrade Protection is valid, then skip to the section “Upgrading your BackupAssist software” below.

Upgrading your BackupAssist software:

To upgrade your BackupAssist software, you’ll need to download and install the latest version from download link.

When you’ve installed and run BackupAssist v9 for the first time, it will check if you have upgraded from an earlier version of BackupAssist, and give you a chance to migrate your settings and backup jobs.

To migrate an earlier version of BackupAssist:

  1. Start BackupAssist using the desktop shortcut or by selecting Start > All Programs > BackupAssist v9 > Launch BackupAssist Console. If settings and backup jobs from an earlier version of BackupAssist are detected, the following message will be displayed.

  2. BackupAssist

  3. If you are upgrading and wish to migrate your BackupAssist settings and jobs, select Yes. If you select Yes, you will be presented with the BackupAssist migration screen.

  4. BackupAssist

  5. Select Begin migration, and the migration process will start.
  6. Once the migration process has completed, select Finish.
  7. Open BackupAssist and select Licensing from the Help menu.

  8. BackupAssist
  9. Select Activate keys for v9

BackupAssist will now start using the settings and backup jobs that you migrated.