Introducing BackupAssist v7.2

We’d like to introduce you to our latest release, BackupAssist v7.2. This version is really important for two main reasons: it has a new add-on called Exchange Granular Restore and it beefs up some the features of Central Administration.

Exchange Granular Restore makes backing up and restoring Exchange data more efficient by using one backup to do the job that previously needed two backups. It digs through backups from current technologies like System Protection, File Protection or File Archiving to find individual mail items. Previously this required an entirely separate backup job and technology.

It’s also handier because it lets you search and preview mail items before restoring them. This means no more blind-restoring or trawling through lists of emails looking for a particular date and subject line.

The other big news in Version 7.2 is that you can now use the Hyper-V Granular Restore Console and the SQL Restore Console remotely. Access to these new additions is through the Remote Console in Central Administration. Head over to our whitepaper if you’d like to know more about using BackupAssist’s remote tools.

These additions will be particularly handy to all the virtualization fans out there, as it makes it much easier to reach into your Hyper-V guests and restore till your heart’s content.

If you haven’t used BackupAssist before, you can get a fully functional, 30 day trial version of BackupAssist. If you are already a BackupAssist customer with valid Upgrade Protection, you can upgrade to Version 7.2 over here.


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