BackupAssist 365

Tech Tip: How to rebuild or repair a corrupt PST file

PST files are a de-facto standard to store mailbox items such as emails, contacts, calendar items, and notes. They can get damaged and refuse to open in Microsoft Outlook if there’s a hardware failure or computer crash. Let’s explore how to recover your data from a broken PST file.

BackupAssist ER

Your data is your data: how BackupAssist ER is designed with careful data handling in mind

BackupAssist ER is a powerfully simple backup and recovery solution for SMBs that allows you to recover your critical Windows servers quickly from local storage, and from the cloud in case of other disasters. But it also gives you the ability to control your data privacy, sovereignty, accessibility, and anonymity – here’s how.

BackupAssist 365

How to automatically back up Dropbox files to local NAS or hard drive

There are many reasons why businesses choose to keep a local backup of their Dropbox files. These include data retention, legal compliance, and of course maintaining business continuity in the event of a cyber attack. BackupAssist 365 makes it easy to achieve automatic offsite backups of Dropbox files, and keep local copies of your data.

Cyber Resilience

How can SMEs be cyber-resilient in 2022?

Cyber-resilience is the ability of an organization to withstand cyber-attacks and continue operations. It is important for business owners and sys admins to understand the concept of cyber-resilience and how they can make their organization more resilient.